Automator for Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Outlook, Access. Replaces VBA

Our Automator software is built inside Microsoft Office and offers a low cost way to automate your repetitive daily tasks

It provides an easy drag and drop interface that replaces macros in Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and so on.

Increase productivity, save time and ensure accuracy by our robotic approach that does away with human error.

Watch our demo videos and get more information by clicking on the images below:

      (1) The first video shows a simplistic example of building an atomation list (or queue) that automatically formats a range

      (2) This video shows a more comprehensive example of how Automator is successfully used in HR (Human Resources)

      (3) Here we show our Cloud Solutions that we use Automator with for a Global Shared Solution

(1) A simple example of our automation in Excel (2) A detailed example of Automator used by HR (3) Automator with Central Cloud Database