We create simple to complex mobile and website applications. These can run on any hosting company's servers or Microsoft's Azure.

We also offer simple Excel and Microsoft Office apps that talk to these web/mobile apps. We do this in Microsoft Office 2007 to 2016.

The advantage of our business solutions is the combination of your familiar Microsoft Office environment with mobile and website apps.

A cloud solution will bolster your company's effeciency by making your data available in a central database for editing and reporting.

       (1) Validate and upload data from anywhere using a mobile app, website or Excel spreadsheet.

       (2) View real-time reports on mobile devices, websites, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or Access.

       (3) Visualise Data using charts, guages and other interactive images on your mobiles/websites.

       (4) Automate  your office processes  mentioned above. We  provide easy cautomation solutions.